Brand Strategy for a Vegan Influencer's New Business Venture

Jan 9, 2024


"I had the pleasure of working with Lauren recently on a new project I am releasing. Personality is important for me so it is great that Lauren is such a kind person. She is always thinking of ideas to help her customers improve their craft. Lauren put together an amazing template for me and my partner to follow. She paid very close attention to the details I wanted and gave me amazing advice going forward as I am releasing this new endeavor. I have learned so many cool tips from her, things I would have never thought of. It is evident that she cares a lot about her customers as well as their businesses. I highly recommend booking and working with Lauren in the future for your own businesses and ideas!" - Enfinitee R Irving


As a digital marketing consultant, I had the opportunity to work with Enfinitee, a wonderful individual dedicated to promoting the vegan lifestyle through a unique fantasy-themed alchemist persona. My goal was to help Enfinitee establish her new brand, Plant Based Alchemist, and develop its brand persona to reach and resonate with her target audience.

Client Overview

Enfinitee aimed to elevate her online presence and engage a broader audience. The project centered on crafting a comprehensive Business Starter Kit, Brand Board, and Content Guide that resonated with the unique brand identity she envisioned.

Project Objectives

  • Develop a cohesive brand identity and content strategy that reflects the unique "plant-based alchemist" theme.
  • Conceive a plan for a social media presence centered on her niche and build a storyline that encourages audience engagement.
  • Lay a scalable foundation for brand expansion and content monetization.

Solutions Provided

I tailored a multi-dimensional marketing strategy to meet the distinct needs of Plant Based Alchemist:

  1. Business Starter Kit and Brand Board: I designed a detailed brand board focusing on color palettes, fonts, and logo options that align with Enfinitee’s alchemic and vegan themes. This toolkit serves as the cornerstone of their visual identity.
  2. Content Guide: I established a structured content plan that delineates broad themes such as vegan health, historical contexts, and fantasy elements, with suggestions for further niche targeting through micro-themes.
  3. Social Media Content Calendar: I developed an extensive 30-day content calendar, detailed with daily social media posts. These ranged from recipes and health tips to lifestyle advice, all crafted to enhance follower engagement and reinforce the brand’s thematic elements.

Client Feedback

Enfinitee’s feedback was incredibly positive. She appreciated my personalized approach and my commitment to understanding her specific needs and goals. Enfinitee highlighted the tailored solutions and strategic advice I offered, which were crucial as she embarked on this new business venture.

Results and Impact

The marketing strategies implemented greatly improved Enfinitee’s brand coherence and digital visibility. The comprehensive content guidance and planning are set to increase audience interaction and brand loyalty, pushing Enfinitee closer to her business aspirations of expanding her follower base and launching a successful cookbook.


My work with Enfinitee was a wonderfully creative dive into her business and I appreciate the opportunity to guide her digital marketing and strategic planning for Plant Based Alchemist. I am passionate about providing personalized, innovative solutions that not only meet my clients' current needs but also empower them for future success. This project has been a rewarding part of my journey as a consultant, and I look forward to assisting more solopreneurs in realizing their business potential.