Optimizing Membership Conversion and Onboarding with HubSpot CRM Automation

Sales & Marketing Automation
Apr 22, 2024

As the Community Manager at Catalyst Suites, I spearheaded the implementation of HubSpot CRM to streamline our operations, marketing, and sales functions. One of the key initiatives was to leverage targeted ads that I created on various platforms driving traffic to our website, where HubSpot contact forms and meeting scheduling CTAs were strategically placed on every page to maximize conversions.

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Upon submission of the "Contact Us" form, an automation workflow was triggered, generating a personalized email invitation from me to the prospect, inviting them to schedule a tour and notifying them of suite availability. For prospects who did not immediately schedule a tour, additional automation was implemented to nurture them further.

To minimize no-shows for scheduled tours, I devised a system of automated reminders, resulting in more rescheduled tours and fewer missed appointments. Moreover, this automation process enabled efficient validation of contact information, allowing me to promptly follow up or disqualify leads with bounced emails, saving valuable time.

Post-tour, a task was automatically generated for me to follow up with prospects and close the sale. Upon signing, an integration between our billing software and HubSpot CRM seamlessly migrated the member's data, completing their contact information and marking the deal as closed in our pipeline.

Furthermore, the integration triggered additional automation, marking the contact as "became a member" and initiating various actions such as internal member communications, opt-in for marketing messages, and delivery of an onboarding email with pertinent resources. This email not only introduced them to our referral incentive program but also directed them to our parking waitlist, presenting an upsell opportunity for monthly parking spots.

The implementation of HubSpot CRM and the integration with our billing software has significantly enhanced our membership conversion and onboarding processes, allowing for a seamless transition from prospect to member while optimizing engagement and retention strategies. Most importantly, this project has saved me countless hours on sales tasks each week and allowed me to focus on what matters the most: our members!

What I look like when explaining my automation workflows.

Image Credit: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia